What are Vertical Garden Kits and How to Use Them

Vertical garden kits - what are they and how do you use them

Gardening is one of the best hobbies that you can have. Anyone can garden and not only will it make your area look greener, but you can also help the environment by planting. Plants can make the air that you breathe fresh. It can also beautify your home and gardens. Not to mention, it can give you some healthy food supplies if you choose to have an edible garden and plant vegetables.

However, if you are an apartment dweller or simply don’t have a backyard or space to start a garden, it can be quite tricky. But don’t worry, it’s not impossible, you just need a little creativity. You can grow plants in pots or install a vertical garden instead. Vertical gardens are great if you are limited on floor space but have plenty of wall space to spare. And, there are lots of vertical garden kits available to you to make the whole process super easy.

What are Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens are gardens that positioned in an upright position either propped up vertically on a stand or fixed to a wall so the plants are positioned vertically instead of horizontally. There are many advantages to having a vertically garden, including:

  • They maximize floor space – Most vertical gardens are hung up off the floor meaning they take up virtually no floor space.
  • They provide visual appeal – Vertical gardens create a great focal point in a space
  • They help reduce noise levels by absorbing and buffering noise
  • They improve air quality – depending on the plants you select, vertical gardens can help to filter toxins from the air and improve air quality.
  • The can be low in maintenance – Many vertical gardens can grow with very little maintenance.



What are Vertical Garden Kits?

Vertical garden kits are just that… Vertical gardens in kit form to help you grow a garden on your wall. As mentioned previously, it’s for spaces that are limited in floor space and outdoor space but you still want the benefits of a garden. They are also innovative ways to grow your plants without too much fuss and effort.

Vertical garden kits come in various shapes and sizes and even if you don’t want to buy a commercial kit, there are some great options to create your own.

Commercial vertical garden kits generally come in component form. You purchase the necessary components to create the vertical garden and can elect to install the kit yourself or have it professionally installed. If you choose one of these kits to install yourself, it is important that you get adequate advice on your situation as it will involve a level of skill to install the kit, along with an assurance that the substrate you are attaching the kit to is able to hold the weight.

Vertical garden kits are not only designed to hold plants vertically but they usually also have an irrigation system in place to allow you to water your plants effectively without creating a huge mess in the process. Some kits are quite detailed while others can be fairly straightforward and simple in their design.

Who are Vertical Garden Kits for?

Vertical gardens work well both indoors and outdoors and are for virtually anyone! They are particularly popular as indoor garden features within small apartments, offices, shopping centers and so on. But really, the possibilities are almost endless. If you have wall space, the wall is structurally sound, there is enough lighting and the wall has easy access to maintain your garden, then there is no reason why you can’t install a vertical garden there.

Vertical gardens are great for people with disabilities or people who enjoy the beauty of a garden but don’t want excess maintenance or mess.


Vertical Garden Options

Again, there are many options when it comes to vertical gardens. What result you want to achieve, along with your space and budget will most likely determine what are the best options for you. But here are a few different vertical garden ideas for you to choose from.

Professionally installed Vertical Gardens – Purchasing a vertical garden kit and having it professionally installed is an ideal option for those who simply want the result without the hassle of installation. A quick search in your area should bring up gardening and landscape experts who are experienced in vertical garden kits and are able to provide you with sound advice for your situation.

If you choose to have your vertical garden professionally installed, make sure you have all the appropriate information available in order to get an accurate quote. Your installer will likely want to know where the kit is being installed, what the wall or substrate is made of, what size you want the garden and what type of plants you would like to have planted in your garden. They may also ask about any design elements in your home to help give more tailored recommendations for you.

Do It Yourself (DIY) Vertical Garden kits – If you’re confident you could install a vertical garden kit yourself, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. Your local nursery, hardware or landscaping supplies company should have plenty of options in stock for you to choose from. To get you started you can check out some of the ones we have listed below.

Just like professionally installed vertical gardens, you will need to know the basic details before deciding on the right kit for you. These details include the size and space you have to work with, what the kit will be installed on, how it will be installed and what type of plants will be used.

Make It Yourself (MIY) Vertical Gardens – Not so much kits, but there are plenty of options to make your own vertical garden if you are particularly handy and inventive. Even using everyday items and materials such as pallets, lattice, fencing material, arbours and the like can result in a beautiful vertical garden.


Types of Vertical Gardens

Green Walls – Green walls offer a great effect if you have a large or tall wall to cover. Perfect for vine plants such as Pothos or Bouganvilias. Green walls can be created out of vertical garden kits or using wire attached to the wall giving the plants something to grow to. It may take a few years for your green wall to be covered, but when it is, the effects are stunning!

Trellis Gardens – Very similar to a green wall, the trellis garden works well with climbing or vine plants that grow to cover the trellis or arbor that has been erected to accommodate the plants. Trellis or arbor gardens are a good way to get a particular shape in your vertical garden.

Pocket Gardens – Pocket gardens use a pocket system to hold the plant and potting mix vertically. Many vertical garden kits use a pocket structure in their systems. Pocket gardens are great if you want to include several plant varieties in your vertical garden. Herbs and indoor plants are ideal for use in pocket gardens.

Tiered Gardens – Tiered gardens are a great way to build your garden to be able to see all your plants. Tiered gardens are grown in a staircase design, and while they use up more floor space than a traditional vertical garden, they are a sturdier option, particularly for free-standing structures or where the wall cannot support a vertical garden kit.

How Are They Installed?

Vertical garden kits can be installed on a wall or they can be freestanding. Most of them are very simple and can be installed yourself. The freestanding kits may even be preconstructed which means all you need to do is select and plant your plants.

If you choose a wall mounted kit, it’s imperative that you secure the system properly as once the plants and soil are installed, the vertical garden can become very heavy. You want to make sure your wall and fixtures are able to hold the weight.

Florafelt is a particularly popular product used in the US for vertical gardens. They have many options available for both wall and floor installation and most designs use a pocket system. Similar products to Florafelt can be found around the world.

How Do You Maintain Them?

Maintaining a vertical garden is easy. Unlike the usual garden that is on the ground, you no longer have to bend your knees to tend them. You will enjoy taking care of them since it will not feel as if it’s a chore that you just need to do instead of enjoying it.

By having a vertical garden. All you have to do is just water your plants every day or to the recommended schedule for your plants. As mentioned previously, some vertical garden kits have irrigation systems installed which makes watering your garden a breeze.

Depending on the plants you have and the location of your vertical garden, you may from time to time weed or prune your plants to maintain the health of your plants and the look of your garden.


What Plants Are Best for Vertical Garden Kits

1. Climbing Plants

Climbing plants are one of the best plants you can have for your vertical garden. They will make the garden look adorable as they grow. You can have ivy, beans, and climbing roses to name a few.

2. Small Plants

Small plants are great for vertical gardens as there is usually only a limited amount of room for potting mix within the kit system. Ferns, succulents, and spider plants are great choices. These plants are generally low maintenance as well which makes them ideal for vertical gardening.

3. Herbs

Herbs make ideal plants for your vertical garden. Not only do they grow well, but they look great, smell great and can come in handy if you have a vertical garden installed close to your kitchen.

4. Indoor Plants

Most small indoor plants would work well in a vertical garden. Small flowering plants can also be effective in a vertical garden to liven the place up and create a living piece of art.


vertical garden - florafelt.com
Image Source – florafelt.com

Ideas on Where to Install Vertical Garden Kits


Having a vertical garden installed in an office can have multiple benefits. It can liven the place up, make the place feel more welcoming and increase the mood and productivity of your workers. Vertical garden kits can be installed as office plant rentals, which means you have all the benefits with none of the maintenance. It’s all done for you under your plant rental agreement.


A vertical garden is great for restaurants because it can create an amazing ambience as well as providing intimacy and beauty into the space. Your customers will love the extra greenery in their surroundings while they eat and your vertical garden will be working to reduce noise levels and improve air quality.

Shopping Centers

Shopping centers can often feel sterile and unwelcoming due to the setup and size of the space. Adding a green wall can make all the difference by bringing in greenery and life. Vertical gardens work particularly well in corridors and eating areas, and just like restaurants, can help improve air quality and reduce noise levels.

Child Care Centers

What better way to introduce kids to plants than by installing vertical garden kits into childcare centers. Not only do they look great and are easy to maintain, they take up little to no floor space and can be placed where children can look but not touch. If you choose a more hands-on option for your child care space, make sure you select child-friendly plants that are not spikey or toxic.

Small Apartment

Even if you have a super small apartment, there is probably space to add a vertical garden. This can make your place look more lively and homey at the same time. You’ll be surprised at how effective an indoor garden can be to both the mood and atmosphere of your space. And the great thing about vertical gardens is that they come in all shapes and sizes so you can find one to fit your space perfectly.

If you don’t have much space but would like a garden, I highly recommend you look into vertical garden kits. A quick search in your local area will no doubt offer up some great options for you to choose from. To get you started… Check out some of these vertical gardens below.

Freestanding Vertical Garden Kits

Freestanding vertical garden kit 3
Image Source - Amazon.com
Freestanding vertical garden kit 4
Image Source - Amazon.com
Freestanding vertical garden kit 1
Image Source - Amazon.com
Freestanding vertical garden kit 2
Image Source - Amazon.com

Wall Mounted Vertical Garden Kits

algreen-kit - Easyverticalgardening.com
Image Source - easyverticalgardening.com
algreen-planting-system -easyverticalgardening.com
Image Source - easyverticalgardening.com
Framed vertical garden - growediblewalls.com
Image Source - growediblewalls.com
Image Source - growediblewalls.com

DIY Ideas

succulent vertical garden - country living.com
Image Source - countryliving.com
Image Source - countryliving.com
3-ladder-planter - diyncrafts.com
Image Source - diyncrafts.com
Image Source - diyncrafts.com
bottle-garden - waldenlabs.com
Image Source - waldenlabs.com
Image Source - countryliving.com
hanging-pots - waldenlabs.com
Image Source - waldenlabs.com
plants on wall - diynetwork.com
Image Source - diynetwork.com

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