How to care for balloon cactus plants

how to care for your balloon cactus plant

Balloon cactus is also known as Notocactus Magnificus or Parodia Magnifica is a gorgeous, bluish-green globular cactus that has a regular pattern and grows in a cluster. When viewed from above, this plant has a rusty gold spot at the middle, pale yellow spines and attractive ribs. Balloon cactus has shiny yellow flowers that are […]

Fiddle leaf fig brown spots: How to diagnose and treat brown spots

Fiddle Leaf Fig Brown Spots

Fiddle Leaf Figs make a great household plant. They can grow tall and bushy very quickly and have gorgeous big leaves. When it comes to detecting a problem with these beautiful indoor plants, the leaves are the first to show signs. If the leaves droop, develop strange speckles, yellowing, or your Fiddle Leaf Fig has […]

Longest Living House Plants: How to Keep Your Plants Alive Forever

Looking to improve your house plant game a little bit? Are you tired of investing your time and money into plants that end up dying too quickly? Would you like to learn about some of the longest living house plants available, as well as some trusted methods of keeping your cherished green friends alive and […]

Hot Tips to Encourage Fast Growing Indoor Plants

Fast growing indoor plants - Plant Love Fest

Plants are a great way to infuse life into a room. As well as adding a touch of beauty, plants provide oxygen and have been known to improve the air quality in your home. The only problem with having plants in the house is how long it takes them to grow. This is an easy […]

Watering House Plants: How to Water Your Plants Correctly

watering house plants

Watering house plants can be a task many get frustrated and confused by. When to water, how to water, how much water is needed… If only plants could speak to let us know what is the right approach! Too bad it does not work that way. It’s on us, the plant owners, to figure it […]