What are Vertical Garden Kits and How to Use Them

What are vertical garden kits and how to use them

Gardening is one of the best hobbies that you can have. Anyone can garden and not only will it make your area look greener, but you can also help the environment by planting. Plants can make the air that you breathe fresh. It can also beautify your home and gardens. Not to mention, it can […]

How to care for balloon cactus plants

how to care for your balloon cactus plant

Balloon cactus is also known as Notocactus Magnificus or Parodia Magnifica is a gorgeous, bluish-green globular cactus that has a regular pattern and grows in a cluster. When viewed from above, this plant has a rusty gold spot at the middle, pale yellow spines and attractive ribs. Balloon cactus has shiny yellow flowers that are […]

Propagating succulents in water: A Step By Step Guide

propagating succulents in water

Propagating succulents in water is great, especially because the plants are among the most productive ones in the world and propagating them is super easy to do. As most succulents have thick and fleshy leaves due to the water they store in them, using water to generate baby succulents, or pups as they are commonly […]